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Cammie Cooper photography started out in the Houston, Texas area. She had a strong business for over 14 years. Moving to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho will be a new and exciting chapter for Cammie and her photography business.

She started her professional photography business in 2000 and has built it and her reputation by offering High Quality photography services. Specializing in Architectural and Studio photography for many years, she also advanced in Wedding and Major Event’s photography. After joining the Houston Guild, the TPPA, the PPA and TX School for Photographers, she became very active in the extended learning opportunities and training provided. This led to her being mentored by some of the top photographers in the USA and has helped her to widen her horizons, excel with her skills and continue to grow and learn.

“I look forward to many more years working my passion and helping others to capture and appreciate life.” -Cammie